Gas Water Heater Timer

The Gas Water Heater Timer acts as a programmable setback controller which enables a user to program their water heater to automatically “set back” or lower the temperature stored within the tank for periods of time when hot water demand is low, and raise the temperature for periods of time when hot water demand is high.


Rigorous testing, of a similar water heater timer, at a state of the art research and development facility by a major water heater manufacturer has been done to determine how much fuel can be saved. Test results were consistent. Water heaters using a timer significantly reduced fuel usage.

The testing showed that fuel savings for customers who do not use a lot of hot water, or own vacation homes, can see considerable savings of up to 36%. Because the water heater fires fewer times, the "Gas Water Heater Timer" will also extend the life of your water heater.

For more information on these test results CLICK ON THE PDF :

Plumbing Engineer - Setback Control Study

The Gas Water Heater Timer will produce the same results as the timer used in the aforementioned tests at a fraction of the cost.